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Art Investment

Emotional return should be the most important reason for investing in art: enjoying a piece of art is still the biggest profit for any collector.

Art is a steady market and a crisis-proof currency: a piece of art doesn't wear off, you can release it and sell it. The older or more famous an artist becomes the lower the supply, which means that originals and the art work gain value. This increase in value is a given, but can vary – some art pieces multiplied in value, others underwent an increase of 20 to 50 percent. Pieces of art are mobile assets and their advantage is that you can transport them and move your art collection to a different venue if needed. A piece of art therefore creates a crises-proof and inflation-proof investment.

When buying art you should take four things in consideration: the artist's name, the quality, the art work's good condition and provenance. Nikolaus Leskovar will gladly advise you and will be a competent partner for all your questions. It is especially important to him that people invest responsibly and don't just make purchases purely based on emotions or gambler-instinct. The secret to successful art investment is good planning, constant market monitoring, generating indices, exchange with market players like merchants, gallery owners and auctioneers, contacts to art historians and opinion leaders, individual research and of course Nikolaus Leskovar at your side. Because: luck and success can be planned.


Why invest in art?

Art is more beautiful than stocks, …

… safer than financial derivatives and funds, more flexible than real estate and more interesting than stocks. If you are looking for sustainable values in economically shaken times, then you can't go wrong with premium works by acclaimed artists.

The recent financial crisis showed us that empty businesses with non-existing money had to fail sooner or later. Many investors have therefore started to more and more invest in tangible assets. Art is the perfect solution!

  • Values and prices in the art sector have continuously improved over the decades and have been stable even in times of crisis. And it's an upward trend due to the big demand for premium art, which – despite general recession – is as vigorous as never before.
  • The art market currently experiences a fundamental generation change. In addition to the relatively small group of established collectors from Europe and the USA, a totally new group of buyers and collectors has arisen in the recent years: those “Global Shoppers” come primarily from emerging markets and invest a considerable amount of money in art and other luxury goods. Hence, bigger declines are not expected within the art market in the nearer future.
  • Art is an investment with added value. Perceptible to the senses, intellectual impulses, the joy of beauty, the fascination of creative expressions, the power of inspiring communication: the emotional return fulfils and satisfies more strongly and sustainably than any financial profit – day after day!