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Art Consulting

Art consulting is providing you with advise and suppport during your art purchase. LESKOVAR FINE ART specialises on the following genres: Pop Art, Contemporary Art, Classical Modernity and International Photography. Click on Artists to find a list of artists, whose work Nikolaus Leskovar has already traded. If you are looking for a piece of art from another genre, Nikolaus is the right person for you. He is always thriving to meet the wishes of his collectors. Direct client contact and a good network are crucial. His credo as an art consultant includes professionalism, fair deals, transparent operations and discretion, as well as passion for art. Enjoying your purchased piece of art should always come first.

Ten years from now Nikolaus Leskovar would like to exclusively work for his ten most important clients in a “Private Collector's Liaison”. This is an interface between Art Consulting and Art Investment. In close cooperation he looks for certain art pieces on the international market on behalf of his top clients – private collectors, pop stars and film celebrities, institutions, investors or museums. He also supports building up collections and together with the collectors he develops strategies for generating collection value and assets accordingly. Nikolaus Leskovar will of course also act as a competent advisor when it comes to selling items.

The professional art market is complex and can be hard to grasp for people who are interested in art but no market insiders. Avant-garde trends and short-lived hypes, volatilely raising numbers of fairs and events and, last but not least, various self-claimed “experts” don't make orientation any easier:

What work really does have quality and substance? Which artists or art pieces will still have importance and value in ten or twenty years' time?

Benefit from our comprehensive and bespoke coaching and consulting services! As your personal art guide we will provide you with profound knowledge and our two decades worth of experience – as long and as often as you want!

Our services

As part of our personal art coaching we take care of:

  • Analysis of your wishes and creation of a customised concept
  • Competent support for setting up your collection
  • Support, structuring and optimisation for existing private or corporate collections
  • Comprehensive advice for all queries on art purchases and sales; if requested, also complete transaction, from acquisition to sale, for different scales
  • Clarification of all legal, tax and insurance related questions on art purchases, collection set up, import and export of art work
  • Complete collection or art piece documentation, cataloguing and archiving; estimates, authentication and/or provenance research for individual art work or collection pieces
  • Selecting and liaising with the respectively best art expert, consultant and providers; professional art work transport and/or storage
  • Exhibition and other art event concepts and organisation in your premises
  • Help and support when it comes to funding and art work rentals for businesses

You will of course benefit from a comprehensive repurchase and return guarantee.

We understand your passion. Because we share it.