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Art Management

For Nikolaus Leskovar Art Management is a kind of funding whereby he offers his network, time and expertise. He represents not only aspiring and already established artists, but also internationally acclaimed art dealers, gallery owners as well as institutional and private collectors.

He wants to help young artists kick-start their career and support established artists on their way up. He is constantly on the lookout for art work that he enjoys, that stick in people's memories and that appeal to our emotional side. Apart from success, he thrives on personal relationships to his artists. As art manager he offers the full art work package. This includes conservation, restoration, transport, insurance and perfect storage. He also accompanies gallery clients to art exhibitions and fairs or takes care of setting up or realisation of collections.

Work with Nikolaus Leskovar and you will work with an expert who constantly extends his contacts to global players in the art sector. He will use his network and contacts for your benefit. Nikolaus is using the flexible service model of a freelancer, who uses his partners.